Every Storefront is different...

But they all stand out!
So how will Storefront's great features give your online shop that extra something? 

Boost sales

Make sure your products really make an impact

“I can show the quality and detail of my products, as well as give size and fabric options.”
Nicci Williams
Add multiple images of your products
Zoomable images
Tools to make shopping more interactive
Offer multiple shopping options
Showcase your whole product line

Professional layouts

All Storefront’s themes have been designed specifically for e-commerce

“Storefront is specific to online retail – it makes it easy for customers to navigate a website, to compare products, to select and to purchase.”
Danielle Plowman
From featured categories to a ‘new products’ widget to layouts that look great, it’s all about helping you build an online shop that shows your company means business

Really easy to use

We believe building your shop should be simple, quick and fuss-free

“For us, non IT-professionals, it’s easy to use.”
Li Zhang
Just click, drag and drop your content into place – three easy steps to building a webpage just the way you want it! From your colour scheme to your content, it’s easy to update and personalize your site.

Browse the marketplace…

And find a whole host of widgets and themes to make your shop stand out from the crowd

“We particularly like the ‘add a related product’ widget which you can add to product pages – it encourages customers to make multiple purchases.”
Michelle Sackett
There are lots of widgets and themes designed specifically for e-commerce waiting for you in the Storefront Marketplace, so you can really make your shop come alive. Why not try our new 'Twitter' widget, or search for widgets perfect for your market sector?

Take the lead on the search engines

Help potential customers to find you on Google – optimise every page and product!

“Search engine optimisation features provide fantastic opportunities to get your site higher up the ranking pages.”
Gary Evans

“If you’re looking for a way to design an e-commerce site...then Storefront’s a great option”

Ian Marks

“Impressive features...an excellent choice”

Matt Hanson
PC Plus Editor’s Choice
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"Simplified website creation...with professional results." Computer Active
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"If your small business, Storefront offers a great service for a reasonable price" Computer Active
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"Very impressive" Computer Active
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"Everything you might expect is in there...and comes with technical support from people who seem to know what they're talking about, which make a nice change" Engineering and Technology Magazine
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"Despite being as simple as it gets...delivers fast and striking results." Sunday Times
"A doddle to use, but the results look...professional" Sunday Times
"Within two hours we had constructed a professional e-commerce store sorted into three categories, plus a blog and a contacts page." Sunday Times
"Will help those in retailing give their customers an online offering, taking a chunk of the ever-increasing online spend." Lingerie Buyer