Actionetics Review: ClickFunnels Inbuilt Autoresponder

Did you ever use the inbuilt autoresponder tool of Clickfunnels? Do you have some information on Actionetics? What is Actionetics? 

If you did not use this tool while you are a member of Clickfunnels then you should use it.

If you want to enhance your Clickfunnels experience and want to enhance your online business, you should take a step forward and use the integrated tool of Clickfunnels. 

If you want to know more about Actionetics then you are at the right place and this article will give you the full review of Actionetics and how you can use it.

The article will tell you all about the features you will be getting if you use this tool.

What this tool actually does, how you can implement this in your online business, how it can increase your business, all these things will be telling you in brief in this article. 

The Proper Guide

If you are thinking to buy this tool then you should think about how you can use this tool for your benefit.

And for this, you will have to learn about the tool which is included in the article as well. 

There can be two situations for you when you are considering buying the tool, it can be either great for you and can benefit your business.

it will destroy your business adn it is waste of money for you.

If you are thinking of buying this tool service or when you are buying this tool service by Clickfunnels.

Then you should probably want to know if the tool is best for your use or if it does not work then what will happen to your investment, all these answers are in this article as well. 

If you are worried about the price of this tool, how much you want to invest in this tool.

You should not worry because we will be telling you all the stuff that is important for you before buying this tool, you just need to sit back and enjoy the article.

What is Actionetics?

So, what is Actionetics? This question is most probably on every person’s mind who is new to Clickfunnels or did not know about this tool despite the person is the member of Clickfunnesl from a long time. 

When you will explore Clickfunnels in full length then you will know that Actionetics is an email responder tool.

It has several features such as responding to your customer automatically and much more features that you will be provided while you avail this tool.  

The tool will help you increase your business and sales, while you are busy with your customers, it can help you find more traffic and markets to target your sales pitch.

The main purpose of this tool is that if any customer of yours is emailing or messaging you while you are away then Actionetcs will respond on your behalf instantly.

So the customer feels that he is reliable for your business and become more encouraged to work with you.

But the worst part or you can say the difficult part is, that if you want to achieve this tool, you will need to acquire the Etison package of Clickfunnels.

This is too expensive for many of the platform users, they are surely working on it as well to reduce the price or make another package so you can avail this tool at some affordable price. 

The function of this tool is to collect all the emails and sequence them in a manner.

The best thing about this tool is when it collects all the emails in order and in an organized way then it sends the custom inserted emails to every contact in the list automatically.

But the actual thing about this software or tool is that it works alone, it is just like a lone wolf that hunts alone, but it will work perfectly and will give you the desired results that you want.

It will not work with WordPress or any other integrated software that gives you the same features to run this tool with the other platform.

Features I Like About Actionetics

There are many features of this software, some you will like and some you will dislike. 

If we are going to tell you all the features that this software contains, so let’s just start with the ones that are liked by many people.

Automatic Email Segmentation With Smart List

This software is no different from any other autoresponder but there is one feature that makes it different from other software, that is the smart list feature.

This feature can be beneficial for you if you are a Clickfunnels member, as this feature can help you organize your customer contacts very easily.

If you want to use this feature, you just have to open the smart list feature option, which can be opened or applied when you are creating a new email list. 

If you want to create your personalized email contact list with the help of Actionetics we should start, but there are some rules and regulations that you should follow and are from directly Actionetics.

  • Contact Rules – this rule is used for matching the contact information according to their reference to give them a score that will help in organizing the contact in the list
  • Funnel Rules – the second rule is for collecting the data of your funnel and after that match the contact according to the funnel requirements
  • Product Rule –  the product purchase should be matched according to the customer that purchased some product
  • Email step rules – in this rule you can match those customer contacts that have already subscribed to you

Unlimited Contacts

When you have purchased an automatic email responder, the basic thing that you should do is to choose your pricing plan.

The pricing plan should according to the list that you have created. Although this can be troublesome because then it will prioritize by the list of the contacts.

However, if we talk about Actionetics then, this software does not contain any pricing, in fact, you do not have to pay any price of the funnel that we created, as there are no other policies dependent on this criteria.

The best thing is that the contacts are unlimited, you can use plenty of them to continue your work.

If you are eager to use or to see an example to define your unlimited contacts then try Active Campaign, it has unlimited contacts but you might have to pay for every contact as per your use.

This can be a disadvantage for you if you want to go for a big win because you will be limited to the sources and will have to switch plans if you want to seek unlimited fun.

You will be paying a lot of money for just a high number of contacts, but it will be not unlimited but it will be 25000 contacts and that will be given with their plus plan.

The Flexibility of Action Funnels

Action funnel is a kind of funnel that combines its ability with Actionetics and it will make a list of actions that will help you to set a list of emails so you can send those actions to the customers.

Let’s just say that action is the associate of Actionetics, it is used for creating a connection between a funnel and a software and let’s you control the emails and the actions that you want to send to the customers.

If we talk about flexibility of action funnel, then we can say it is very large, you can perform many different tasks with the help of this collaboration. 

The collaboration between these two tools is amazing, your customer will be happy from you as he or she will be receiving a quality of service from you and will love to work with you more.

There are many actions that you can perform but there are some main actions as well that we have mentioned below.

  • You can add the contacts that you have on Actionetics on Facebook to target them in the future as well.
  • With a tool name Twilio integration, you can send SMS to the contacts easily
  • Shopify integration allows sending of the details of your products to your Shopify page, where your contact can fulfill the required stuff that Shopify recommends and then buy the stuff from there.

Extensive Pricing Criteria

If we talk about pricing of the tool the I believe that the pricing is too expensive. As we have mentioned before that the best part about this tool is the unlimited email contacts.

Although this is the downsize of your business as well because you will be giving a massive amount of money on just sending some emails of your offer to your customers. 

As this can be a disadvantage for those who have started a new business or have a small business, they can attain a loss than attaining a profit.

What I Don’t Like About Actionetics

No Custom Field Support

If you want to engage with your audience then the best thing is the custom field to do it.

If you want to make an impression personally on your customer then you just have to add a personalized custom field and your work is done. 

But if you want to use this tool with Actionetics then you can not use it because actionetics do not allow you to add your personalized field in your emails, so you can not have any better enhancements if you want to. 

Instead of this, you will have to use the preset that is provided by the developers of Actionetics.

What’s Inside Actionetics

We have put down an in-depth review, this review will give you all the information on Actionetics and how you can use it and what features this tool gives you. 

There are many things that you do not know of this tool as this review will help you know all about the things and will help you through the tool when you are using it.

The design of contact layout is user friendly and is defined exactly in a way that any person can understand easily. 

There is a list that will cover all your information and will have your profile picture as well. 


If you are new then you just have to know all about the contact page because the contact page will help you find many things that you will have trouble in finding.

And you will be knowing the design layout when you are starting a new career with actionetics.

Email List

When you are using Clickfunnels and want to direct all the data on this page the page will allow you to personalize according to your data.

You can send emails with the help of the personalized data that you have about your customers.

The page will show you how you can write your emails and how you can personalize your data into emails.

If you just want to create your email list then you will have to just click on a new list and then you will have to just right all the info on a popup window that will pop on your screen.

Actionetics Pricing

So, finally the moment is here, when you will learn all about the pricing of the Actionetics.

If we discuss a brief plan of Actionetics then we can tell you that this plan comes with the Etison plan which is $297 per month. 

There are many other autoresponder software that are affordable as well.but they are still not Actionetics.

Actionetics vs ActiveCampaign

Let’s just start with Active Campaign and then move onto Actionetics.

Active Campaign

First thing first, the best thing about ActiveCampaign is the visual automation builder that is amazing and there is nothing nearer of Actionetics to this feature

As we have told you before, Active Campaign does not support custom fields but this can become its alternative and can be more effective than a custom field ever was. 

If you want to boost up your communications then you can split test your funnel, by this you can easily be able to boost up.

If we talk about pricing then the price of Active Campaign is much cheaper than the actionetics.


Although you might be thinking that now Actionetics is crushed but there are many features that you have not seen.

You can say they were wrapped up in a sleeve and when they are in danger, they are just bringing their remaining cavalry into battle and all of them are the big guns.

The platform is easy to use and the software is directly integrated into Clickfunnels, so you do not have to switch if you want Clickfunnels, hence they are in the same software.

Pros and Cons


  • Creating funnels is easy
  • Maintained by only one person
  • Spit testing and conversion monitoring features are the best
  • Email autoresponder
  • Integrated with clickfunnels
  • There other integrations as well
  • They give you a trial version for 14 days


  • Very expensive
  • Customer care service is not too much effective

Final Thoughts!

As we have put together a review on Actionetics and you will be thinking to purchase this amazing plan then you should do it fast.

There are many features that no other software like this is providing you. So, you better avail this opportunity and buy it quickly.

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