10 Best Fanless Laptops In 2021

As we have witnessed the evolve in technology, the demands and expectations of the people have been increasing since day one.

Apart from gearing themselves up with an ultimate laptop, the people also require a quiet environment to work productively. 

Having said that, these fanless laptops are considered the best ever devices that reduce the extra irritating noise from your laptop and allows you to work for a prolonged time with ease. 

Moreover, getting rid of a mechanical fan can save a lot of space in your laptop.

Which not only your laptop will be compact in size, but will be lightweight to that makes it easier for the user to carry this masterpiece along with them. 

Given that, getting your hands on a trustworthy and reliable brand, you no longer have to worry about the performance and long-lasting durability of your fanless laptop. 

Hence, if you’re seeking a model that suits best with your taste, then the list of the products mentioned below can prove to be your viable pick and hence will allow you to witness a profound experience. 

Best Fanless Laptops Reviews:

Here are the Best Fanless Laptops: 

1. ASUS VivoBook Flip 14

Coming within the full-size category, this ASUS VivoBook is one of the most affordable fanless laptops you can get your hands on.

Offering a 2 in 1 design, this laptop comes in hand with a 14 inch full HD display to deliver fantastic image quality to the users.  

Comprising the Aluminum Chassis, the screen to body ratio, and the 0.3-inch bezel this laptop comes with provides a stunning look to anyone who sees this masterpiece.

Reviewing this product from its performance aspect, those who are looking to use this laptop to perform light tasks with ease, then this can be their viable pick.   

Coming within a compact design, this laptop can be carried easily, which makes it a good pick for travelers, students, or teachers to carry this fanless laptop along with them with ease.  


  • This is a cheap fanless laptop that comes with Windows 10. 
  • Features Wide HD screen along with a convertible design. 
  • Comprises a durable and stylus metal body with thin bezels. 
  • Provide users with long-lasting battery life.  


  • Some users find the performance of this laptop average. 

2. Acer 514

If you are seeking a solid gadget that can be suitable to run online applications, then this laptop can be your viable pick.

Coming with the dual-sided thin bezels and ultimate aluminum design, this fanless laptop is simply astounding. 

The Aluminum chassis this laptop comes with not only provides a stunning look to your laptop but also ensures users about the long-lasting durability of this product.  

This fanless laptop offers two USB ports to enhance its charging capability. Moreover, to provide users with an extreme display, this fanless laptop features a 14-inch top-notch display.

The backlit keyboard comes within the package to facilitate users to work in a dark environment with ease. 


  • This is a cheap fanless laptop that comes with a big screen. 
  • The premium aluminum design of this laptop assures users of its prolonged durability. 
  • Comprises of a backlit keyboard that comes with the latest USB Type-C port. 
  • Provide users with long-lasting battery life. 


  • None.

3. Acer Spin 7

This laptop comes equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor that is best known to provide users with impressive performance.

Comprising 8GB RAM, this fanless laptop allows users to multitask with ease.  

This spin model comes in handy with 2 in 1 design along with a top-notch display of 14 inches to increase the visibility of the user and provide them with a realistic display.

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on a portable model, then this is the one as it provides users with long-lasting battery life.  

Consisting of an Aluminium build, then a fanless laptop worth every penny! 


  • Provide users with powerful performance with Core i7 processor. 
  • Comes in handy with an incredibly slim and portable design. 
  • Provide users a battery life of up to 8 hours. 
  • Features a large touchpad along with a premium keyboard. 


  • Comes with only 2 USB ports, and you probably will need a Type-C hub to connect other devices.  

4. HP X2 12-F014D

Undoubtedly, this product has created quite a fandom of its own. Featuring a 2K screen resolution within the package, the image this laptop generates is a lot vibrant and sharper than other average products. 

Coming in handy with a 2 in 1 design, this gadget can be used as a laptop or a notebook according to the personnel preference of the user.  

This fanless laptop comes equipped with an Intel Core m3 processor, 4GB memory, and 32 GB storage, so if you’re looking forward to a device that allows you to multi-task with ease then this product can be your viable pick. 


  • Provide users with a bright 2K display along with stunning visuals. 
  • Can be used as a tablet. 
  • Comes in handy with a premium and sturdy Aluminium built. 
  • The speaker of this laptop provides users with impressive sound quality. 


  • Provide users with limited performance and storage facility.  

5. Asus C302CA-DHM4

Coming with a compact design, and being light-weighted, opting for this laptop can prove to be your terrific choice for users.

This laptop comes in handy with a 12.5 top-notch touch display along with an easy 360-degree convertible design to provide users with a profound experience.  

The design of this laptop is somewhat improved as diamond-cut edges and a thinner body with micro bezels come are included in its specifications to provide a professional look to this fanless laptop. 

Though this fanless laptop is a low-end Chromebook and provides users with limited performance, the premium internal storage and battery of this device makes up for it. 


  • This fanless laptop is light in weight and highly portable. 
  • Provide users a long-lasting battery life of up to 10 hours. 
  • Features a huge storage capacity. 
  • Comprises of a backlit keyboard that comes with the latest USB Type-C port. 


  • Provide users with an average performance.  
  • This model lacks a number of ports. 

6. Dell XPS 12 

This Dell XPS series is considered to be the most successful fanless laptop series due to the premium specifications it comes in handy with.

Coming with a detachable design, this product allows users to make the most of it. 

Having said that,  the  12-inch widescreen of this fanless laptop provides users with a top-notch 4K display which makes this laptop stand out from its competitors.  

In order to provide users with passive cooling, this laptop comprises a low-end Core M processor, along with a RAM of 8 GB RAM and 256 wide SSS storage.

Providing users with a much quieter performance, this laptop is worth every penny. 


  • The opulent 4k touch display it comes with can provide users with stunning visuals. 
  • Provide users with a high definition camera. 
  • Comes with a detachable design to provide users with a comfortable experience. 
  • A responsive keyboard and ultimate precision touch-pad come within the package. 


  • The viewing angle of this laptop can’t be adjusted. 
  • Doesn’t provide users with optimum battery life.  

7. ASUS Zenbook 

What proves to be the best feature of this laptop is that it allow users to choose the processor according to their own personnel preference. 

Having said that, it allows users to increase the storage capacity of this laptop up to 512 GB and the RAM up to 8 GB memory. 

This ultrabook features a 13.3 widescreen that provides a full HD display to the user. This fanless laptop comes with preinstalled window 10.  

The weight and premium battery life of this laptop allows users with maximum portability. In short, this laptop provides great value for your money.  


  • Facilitate users with a Brilliant 13.3 2K display along with a powerful EMR stylus. 
  • Comes in handy with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor with 512 GB wide storage. 
  • Comes with a versatile Nvidia MX150 graphic card with 2GB VRAM 
  • Features a backlit keyboard within the package. 


  • This model doesn’t come with a backlit keyboard.

8. Acer Switch 7 Black Edition 

Coming equipped with a Core i7 processor that comes with a clock speed of 4 GHz, this laptop can prove to be a viable pick for the users that are looking forward to running high-end applications with ease.  

Having said that, featuring 16 GB onboard memory and 512 GB SSD storage, this laptop allows users to make most of this product.

Unlike all passive cooling laptops, this laptop comes with a dedicated GPU, that allows users to proceed with mild editing as well as can support the games that are able to run on low graphics.  

Featuring a detachable keyboard design along with an inbuilt stand this fanless laptop worth every penny. 


  • Facilitate users with a Brilliant 13.3 2K display along with a powerful EMR stylus. 
  • Comes in handy with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor with 512 GB wide storage. 
  • Comes with a versatile Nvidia MX150 graphic card with 2GB VRAM 
  • Features a backlit keyboard within the package.  


  • The bezels of this fanless laptop features are considered to be somewhat thick. 

9. MacBook 12

This Apple Macbook comes equipped with 16 Gb RAM and 512 GB SSD storage to provide users with an experience they will cherish forever.

What counts as the best feature of this device is that it allows users to choose its processor according to their personnel preference.

The 12-inch retina this laptop features is simply astounding and is known best to provide users with an ultimate IPS panel along with a resolution of 2304 x 1440.  

The name of the Apple is alone enough to assure users about the durability this fanless laptop comes with. 


  • Provide users with a precise and top-notch retina display. 
  • Is highly compatible with the Intel Core i7 processor along with 512 GB wide storage. 
  • Comes with a sensitive and accurate keyboard along with a touchpad. 
  • Its Aluminum body assures users of this fanless laptop’s ultimate durability. 


  • The user finds this fanless laptop to be somewhat expensive.  

10. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

If you are looking for something that is versatile enough to work as a tablet and a laptop, then this is one of the best choices.

This laptop features one of the most powerful processors of all time as it Comes with the 8th generation Intel processor.

 One of the best parts about this Laptop is the fact that this laptop features a very attractive and elegant design. 

Not only that, this laptop also has one of the most powerful batteries on this list and can give a battery backup of at least 12.5 hours. 

If you want something that  is very slim and lightweight, then this laptop is the right choice for you.


  • This fanless laptop provides ultimate performance to the user with its Intel Core i7 processor.
  • This fanless laptop is easily available with several configuration options. 
  • Provide users with good battery life. 
  • Comes in handy with a robust and sturdy metal unibody.  


  • The user finds this fanless laptop to be somewhat expensive.

How to Choose the Best Fanless Laptops – Buyer’s Guide

The list of factors mentioned below is the one that needs your considerations beforehand while buying a fanless laptop for yourself.

Go through the buyer’s guide once to avoid any type of inconvenience. 


While going to get your hands on the best fanless laptop, the very first consideration you need to make is what CPU your laptop comes in handy with.

The CPU that comes with the ability to run high tech applications without lagging can provide you with a profound experience. 

Having said that, a fanless laptop comes in handy with the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processor.

Each of them offers users different features, but are well known to step up the performance of your laptop.  

To view what CPU your fanless laptop contains, it’s advised to go through the specification chart of your fanless laptop to avoid any type of inconvenience in the future. 


RAM or random access memory is the primary storage of a laptop that determines how many applications you can run at a time in your laptop.

Moreover, Ram determines the performance of your fanless laptop too.

The more magnitude of RAM your fanless laptops comes in handy with, the more flexible and comfortable functionality you’ll be able to witness.  

If you’re seeking a fanless laptop for intensive work, then it’s advised you to go with a RAM of up to 8 or 16 GB, however.

If you’re opting for this fanless laptop to proceed through your day to day chores with ease, then 6 GB RAM would be more than enough for you.  


Coming in the third number, storage of your laptop is the most important feature that you need to consider while getting your hands on your viable pick. 

The one major reason why people opt for the fanless laptop is that it doesn’t produce any noise while operating.

Hence in this regard, we will advise you to go with a fanless laptop that features a Solid State Drive (SSD) and avoid getting your hands on Hard Disk drives (HDD).  

The reason behind this is that HDD storage devices use spinning platters that produce sound while operating.

Whereas SDDs don’t come with any moving parts inside of their design which therefore means that they are static and don’t generate noise while functioning. 

Hence to witness a profound experience with your fanless laptop, choose the type of storage accordingly! 

Battery Life

Last but not the least, battery life is another thing that needs your consideration beforehand to opt for your best fanless laptop. 

Though these kinds of laptops provide people with long-lasting battery life as they come with one component short that requires battery power, still you can’t skip this part. 

If you don’t want to stop in the middle of the work, then we will advise you to get your hands on the fanless laptop that provides you with a battery standby of up to 8 to 10 hours.

Besides this, you also need to consider the time your fanless laptop consumes to get its battery fully charged up.

You don’t want to wait for hours to get your laptop fully charged up so that you can take it with you, this can be irritating and can leave you frustrated.

Hence it’s recommended to take the look at the battery hours beforehand to avoid any type of inconvenience in the future. 

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Above is the complete review of all the best fanless laptops available for purchase right now on the market. 

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