12 Best Laptops for Computer Science Students - 2021 Reviews and Guide

best laptops for computer science students

As a computer science student, a laptop is the essential need of every student, and with its presence as a genre becoming more universal at a place you might visit, And as a student studying computer science, looking for the best laptop that overcomes all your needs.

Choosing the right laptop for yourself might be an issue, but help and guidance from us might fix all your problems, Of course, every student needs a laptop these days, but finding The best laptop might be a little hard but don’t worry we are here to guide.

With the best laptops come some exciting features, for those wanting a little more.
With many options to choose from from the market.

We have bought these 12 best laptops for Computer Science students in 2021. With features prescribed descriptively providing you a vast choice to choose from, to best laptops meeting your requirements as performance level, screen resolution quality, storage, and RAM everything you  need to know, before buying the best laptop for yourself is prescribed below with detailed information.

Best Laptop for Computer Science Reviews:

Let’s head towards the list of best laptops for computer science students in 2021!

Not from the low range dell’s budgets laptops neither from the top expenses one’s
DELL INSPIRON 15 is a laptop known for its mid-range budget line-up, a little easy to avail for a student, although the DELL INSPIRON 15 has no matchup to an ordinary laptop that comes in this budget, because of its High-Rich performance combined with a sleeky aluminum body structure and with an elegant 4K Resolution Display,

We won’t offend calling this machine a beast in its self, Combined with a stable and reliable performing system, AMD Radeon R7 M445 as a graphic processor inside it making it a more reliable device to start from.

This laptop makes its name in our list of Top 12 Best Laptop because made for those wanting a great performing machine with a sleeky body structure with the high-end display.

A computer science student, who has to perform different tasks needs a performing processor that’s no worry! 

Dell Inspiron will amaze you with its 16GB DDR4 RAM and with 1TB SSD storage making it an optimal choice for you, 7Th Generation Intel Core i7 processor to maintain your performance this laptop has it all inside. 

From playing HD Games to making new presentations for your college projects on Ms. Studio, it can do it all.



2. Lenovo Yoga C930 2-in-1

Lenovo has managed to create an extraordinary device known for its flexibility and durability mixed with an optimal fast processor as Intel 8th Gen Core i7 making it a well-performing system, With an extra feature of Ultra HD 4K Resolution making Lenovo Yoga C930 even more compatible device with 12GB Of RAM, and a storage of SSD storage of 1TB making it more reliable for students for saving their all data and with a processor this strong for managing all their multitasking purposes,

This device might be one of the greatest choices you’ve ever made as being a student.

This device is not very rich for gaming, but it won’t let you down if you’re a student buying it to manage your Data.



3. HP ENVY 13” Thin Laptop w/ Fingerprint Reader

Another amazing device by HP as HP ENVY 13 that comes with, Ultra HD Graphics with touch screen IPS Display, like NVIDIA GeForce MX250, and fast performing speed Intel Core i7-8565U Processor is installed with overall, 16GB SDRAM and a 512GB SSD Storage capability while all these features. 

Having an elegant look brings the HP ENVY 3 to our top best reliable laptops that are reliable, strong, and easy to carry for students who like to travel light.

You can do heavy performance work on this Laptop as it’s a piece of cake, multitasking is no issue on this laptop,

Debugging and compiling codes, watching your favorite shows on the 4K video all you want to do this Laptop makes it possible.

With decent battery life and all these reliable features, this laptop might be the best choice for Computer Science Students.



4. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop PC

Acer Predator Helios 300, A machine built to inspire with a processor that strong for handling multi-purpose tasks vast amount of google tabs without dropping trust in its performance,

This machine can be called a perfect choice for any computer science student who’s wanting something more than average performance, This laptop is capable of running intense games like Overwatch to Witcher, with dealing with complex software like TensorFlow, Shogun, and Adobe light-room smoothly, credit goes to its 256GB SSD and its 16GB DDR4 RAM’s



5. HP Pavilion Laptop

Whether other laptops are available in the market HP has introduced its HP Pavilion Gaming laptop to the market as the name says it all a gaming laptop is efficient to build for massive tasking purposes and this won’t let any computer science student down as it is one of the best laptops for computer science students, with massive storage of 1TB HDD it has an 8GB DDR4 Ram and a running processor of Intel Core i5-8300H, and a graphic processor of GTX1050Ti, making it an efficiency performing laptop for multi-tasking to the intense gaming, As the company claims it has one of the long battery life too.

We recommend you to have a sight on this amazing laptop for once.



6. ASUS TUF FX505DT Gaming Laptop

Asus’s Tuf is the starting series of a little below then the flagship ROG series devices having all the ultimate specs of a premium laptop Asus Tuf series has already put fire into the market because of its high specs as,

The AMD Rhyzen 7 3750H integrated technology alongside with GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphic processor, with its 16GB DDR4 RAM, For carrying out the massive programs like PyCharm and IntelliJ IDEA that has been working as smoothly in this device,

This laptop supports a 512GB SSD Storage which we suggest is enough, to bring this device in our list of best laptops for computer science student
Our overall conclusion is that this beast device can handle anything to everything you throw at it,

If your main focus is an overall performing laptop you might like this one for you.



7. Dell XPS 9570 Laptop

The XPS series of Dell laptop provides you everything in Gold, its premium and high-end Specs, and as the name of a brand you can always trust DELL for its premium quality, Undoubtedly DELL XPS not an ordinary laptop with Specs as 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and a beast. GPU of GeForce GTX 1050Ti combined with a magnificent 4K display.

Dell XPS has everything you desire, imagine as a computer science student you’re craving from the hardcore work, streaming HD shows in Dell Xps would give all the best entertainment while running end to end massive software as MATLAB, IntelliJ, Netbeans, MS Light-room smoothly in your background.

How does that sound to you? Amazing isn’t it. If you are interested in a in one performance laptop at a reasonable price this laptop is for you.



8. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro 6 from Microsoft has been one of the convenient devices as laptop-cum-tablet, providing you 2-in-1 features, Built for those who want it as a work on the go, So if you’re a computer science student who likes to travel or outdoor activities, along those lines, this, might be a perfect choice for you, 

The latest edition offers an Intel Kaby processor with 1.3 GHz i7-3960X combined with 8GB of RAM, and a massive 1 TB SSD Storage, With all these high-end specs you can rely on Surface Pro 6 for its success in heavy performance, you can run IntelliJ, NetBeans., Eclipse and other heavy tools slightly with ease, and still watch NETFLIX series smoothly in its UHD Display Graphics, The surface pen on the device is fun to use too.



9. Apple MacBook Pro

As the Name proclaims Apple’s MacBook Pro is a tremendous luxury when it comes to functionality.

A device built for anyone who’s looking for a powerful processor for programming, as developing software,
Undoubtedly We consider MacBook Pro as the best laptop for computer science students”.

The MacBook Pro has it all, 2.6GHz i7 hexacore processor, with heavy-duty 16GB RAM, it is the most powerful laptop Apple has introduced up-till now, With UHD Display at sight,

No matter how intense your programming is This beast can handle it all, From coding of programs to the development of new ones, MacBook Pro isn’t letting you down, with its huge 256SSD Storage facility you can never run out of storage. With T2 Chip added, it serves extra security.



10. Asus ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

The amazing Asus Zenbook 13 comes in affordable pricing with everything that is insecure for a computer science student fulfilling their essential needs this laptop has to offer you an Intel Core i5-8265 U processor integrated with the amazing UHD 620 graphic processor and an 8GB LPDDR3 RAM, with 512 GB SSD storage capacity, with all these major specs you can run any tool with ease and smoothness your teacher throws at you,

Even the battery life of the Asus ZenBook 13 is a success providing you of at least 11 hours of heavy-duty usage, for those who hate to plug-in and desires their favorite spots to work along with outdoor activities.



11. ASUS VivoBook S Thin & Light Laptop

Asus Vivobook S Thin is a device very much compatible with computer science students because of easy to carry and lightweight, comes in several attractive colors and with high rated specs as, a processor of Intel Core i7-8550U, with the advancement of 8GB RAM, and huge storage of SSD 256GB capability, and a graphic processor as GeForce MX150 making it one of the most powerful performing laptop, yet portable machine available in the market, Asus VivoBook S is a laptop built with elegance,

The reason we consider this device for computer science students is because of its attractive looks, and a processor built to deal with any software like Eclipse, NetBeans Visual Studio, Adobe Lightroom, etc.



12. Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop

Acer Aspire E 15 laptop is built with a mindset for modern users who have to use the laptop for work, for programs and software that needs a high performing processor to run, and Acer has done no less on this device as,  8Th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U Processor, with 8GB Dual channel memory, and a huge 256GB SSD storage capacity, 

Furthermore, equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphic processor, for the smooth performance we suggest this device to computer science students who aren’t much into gaming.

Using software as MATLAB, Visual Basic Studio, and Kotlin at once, with smooth graphics.With a battery that’s not letting you down.



Best Laptops for Computer Science Students - Buyer's Guide:

best laptop for computer science

The overall features that are expected in a perfect laptop for computer science students are as the laptop has to offer a GOOD BATTERY LIFE AND A WELL PERFORMING CPU, You can even go for 2 in 1 laptop cum notebook for more enhanced performance and elegance.
Other top best features you should include as:


The Display is another top priority in laptops for computer science students because it must be selected in HD Resolution with matte screen resolution so that it does not affect eyes straight, reducing eye fatigue is a must.

The CPU:

The performance of the laptop is based on its CPU if you’ve bought a low performing your programs won’t run as successfully as smoothly as desired.

You can go with intel core i5 or core i7 you might also go with Ryzen processors as they are well in performance.


When checking on the best laptops for computer science students an immense storage capacity is a must, Getting an SSD instead of an HDD should be a more well-informed choice.

For more optimal performance standards


Graphics enhance a lot of performance-optimized by the CPU, a good processing graphic card is a requirement for Computer Science Students.   


Tremendous battery life is most optimal in a student’s computer science laptop as they have to save a lot of data into it.

We suggest a minimum of SIX hours is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I like a laptop which is performance and feature-rich but it’s bulky, is it a worthy tradeoff?

Ans: Many performance features-rich laptops are a little bulky too because they have to carry a tremendous amount of work, so the built quality is strong.

That’s one of a tradeoff that you might want to consider because higher specs come with a little higher weight.

As a computer science student, you don’t know what interest you might develop tomorrow and where your journey of coding will take you.

Q. Do I need to get an external laptop cooling pad if I run heavy programs for extended hours?

Ans: Read this list thoroughly and you’ll find laptops that have efficient cooling features.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a laptop for gaming as well, an external laptop cooling pad is a necessity for making sure your laptop doesn’t heat.  

Q. What kind of laptop do I need as a Computer Science student?

Ans: There is no one limit for a perfect laptop that fits you and suits you the best. You just need some information about what you’re looking for in a perfect laptop.

Go through our list of best laptops for computer science students and you’ll find everything.  

Q. Should I go for an SSD or HDD?

Ans: SSD or HDD if you are going for a laptop for machine learning applications like MATLAB, it’s best for you to go for SSD because it has more rich-spec performance.


So here we are with a list of top 12 best laptops that are top classes for computer science students having all the features that are a necessity, we have shortened our list to the best so everything is explained well and clear to understand,

Choice is yours in choosing the best laptop that suits your requirements, and matches your choice, and specification of your usage.