10 Best Laptops For SolidWorks in 2021 - (Review)

best laptop for solidworks

It might be a bit difficult for you if you will need to find the best laptop for SolidWorks, so you are in the right place for sure.

As you must know, SolidWorks software is very versatile, and you will need a high specification laptop for sure. 

There are many types of these laptops based on one like engineering students, mechanical students, or pros.

So they all must be desiring to get the best laptop according to their field and the laptops containing the best GPU for sure. 

They also want to get the best laptop in a mid-price range, so you are needed to read the whole article to get to know which laptop is suitable for you so far.

Best Laptops For SolidWorks Reviewed:

We have listed down the best laptop for SolidWorks’ list based on their qualities so far.

Their names can be trusted with ease as they are all reliable products. Their names include:

10. Acer Aspire E15

The Acer Aspire E15 is so far the best laptop for SolidWorks as it comes up with a lot of great features and will work the best for you if you are a student. 

It provides you with a processor of Intel Core i7, and its HyperThreading technology is so great that you can easily work with Solidworks.

The GPU of this device is GeForce MX150, which works pretty well, and you are also provided with 2GB of VRAM, which will also come in handy for you. 

It consists of 256GB of SSD, and the battery backup of this device is of 15 hours, which is quite promising. This laptop is great for an entry-level professional, and it will work the best for SolidWorks.



9. Dell Inspiron i5577

Dell Inspiron i5577 is declared as the best laptop for SolidWorks as it consists of a lot of great specifications. Its processor is of Intel Core i5 7300HQ and is the 7th generation, which helps you draw 3D. 

It provides you with a clock speed of 3.50GHz, which provides you with the GPU of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and provides you with photorealistic effects on SolidWorks.

This laptop can easily be upgraded to 32GB and 256GB SSD, which will help you easily complete all your desired tasks. 

It consists of a big screen of 15.6 inches, which will surely work the best for you if you are designing 3D and is a very durable device so far, which provides one with a battery backup of 12 hours.



8. Dell XPS 15 9570

The Dell XPS 15 is the best laptop for SolidWorks, which comes up with many great processors of Intel Core i9-8950 as it was provided with 6 different HyperThreading cores. 

It comes up with a processor of 4.8GHz and the GPU of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti, which comes up with 32GB of RAM.

It has 1TB of SSD storage module, which will provide you with ultra resolution and an ultra-wide resolution of 4K with the 16 inches of screen. 

It only weighs 4.44 pounds, and it comes up with 4GB of VRAM, which is great, and one will surely not regret buying it for sure. 

This laptop has a very decent display for sure, and you are enabled to easily do your drawing, drafting, and designing without any difficulty whose battery backup is 7 hours.



7. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2 is the best laptop for SolidWorks and is a convertible device as it is a laptop that is easily detachable, which allows you great features. 

It has a processor of IntelCore i7 8650, which allows you to perform all the tasks you want with a speed of 4.2GHz and 6GB of VRAM.

This laptop has a screen of 15 inches and a GPU of GeForce of 1060 GTX with ease with the camera of 8MP and the front one of 5MP. 

It is way too much suitable for the students and professionals of entry-level, which provides you with a great battery backup of 17 hours.

This device so far works the best for SolidWorks, and it provides one with the best resolution of 3240×2160 pixels so far.



5. Omen by HP

It provides you with a VRAM of 6GB, which is great to be used, and it also comes up with the best GPU so far.

It provides you with the best processor so far, and you are enabled to do enhanced modeling like a professional, which also lets you simplify with great tasks. 

This laptop comes up with a widescreen of 17.3 inches with great pixel quality and a good battery backup.

It is a product that you won’t regret buying for sure as it is likely to be used with SolidWorks with ease.



4. Razer Blade 15

Razer Blade 15 is so far a great laptop known to be the best laptop for SolidWorks, which comes up with Intel Core i7-10750H that works the best with it. 

It has a memory of 16GB that is greatly workable with your device and great storage space of 512GB SSD so far.

This laptop’s screen is 156.6 inches that enable you with the best pixel quality so far, which lets you have a great user experience so far. 

It comes up with a GPU of 8GB NVIDIA GeForce of RTX 2070 with a backup battery of 6 hours, which is pretty good, ao one can easily use it without any problem.



3. HP Zbook 15v G5

HP Zbook 15v G5 comes up on number 3rd as the best laptop for SolidWorks, enabling you with a lot of great features. 

It provides one with their processor of Intel Core i7-8750H, and its speed is up to 4.10GHz. The rendering is also possible as it comes up with the VRAM of 4GB, and most of the requirements are fulfilled with the GPU of Quadro P600 from NVIDIA. 

This device comes up with a memory of 16GB of built-in RAM and is associated with an SSD or 512GB PCie. Its battery back-up is up to 10 hours, and it comes up with a 15.6-inch full screen with the best resolution so far.



2. Lenovo ThinkPad P50

Lenovo ThinkPad P50  is the second-best laptop for SolidWorks and is a great product to be used.

Its processor works way too great and is the Intel Xeon E3-1505M, which comes up with a clock speed of 3.70GHz so far. 

The display of its screen is 15.6 inches, and its RAM consists of 16GB of which is upgradable to 32GB with ease.

It comes up with an SSD of M.2, and it comes up with the windows of 7, which you can even upgrade to windows 10.



1. MSI WE72 7RJ

MSI WE72 7RJ is ranked 1st as the best laptop for SolidWorks, which comes up with the best specifications.

If we talk about the processor, it provides you with the processor of Intel Core i7-7700HQ with many great specifications so far. 

The GPU of NVIDIA Quadro M2200 even allows you to easily and offers you to do any of your tasks with ease, associated with the RAM of 4GB.

Its keyboard is of steel series which works very much well, and it consists of 32GB which provides you with enough storage space. The display of this device is 17.3 inches and battery backup of 4 hours.



Laptops For SolidWorks - Buyer's Guide:

Laptops For SolidWorks

You should always check for these qualities as they are the most important features to look at :


CPU is one most important feature to look at before buying a laptop as you are in need of the best product that is available in the whole market with ease. These CPUs are mainly based on Two main features that include


Frequency is only measured in GHz and SolidWorks is a frequency bound application so it is way too important. So one should require the best frequency rate in order to run this SolidWorks software without any problems. 

Number of Cores:

The number of cores can also be said to be the individual mini processors and is a very important part of the CPU. When someone says that it consists of 2 or 4 Cores so it means that the software will surely run pretty peacefully.


Storage plays an important part in the laptop as it is very much important. The storage space affects one very much as far as you can say that it will not be good then the value of the product will be decreased for sure.

This storage space matters a lot. That is why one will not be satisfied if that person will not get his desired storage space. 


RAM also plays an important role as RAM comes up as 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB so far. Although many people liked it, most of the laptops come up with an upgradable memory so far, so you will not be having any problems. 

But if you are provided with a non-upgradeable RAM, then you might face some problems. So, you should consider buying them for sure.

FAQ's To Cover:

Q. Which is the most important component in SolidWorks laptops, precisely for professional usage?

Ans:  SolidWorks is a great tool, so the device you look at should contain a good processor; otherwise, it will be of no use. The processor you are looking for should be of a higher turbo speed, which should provide you with fast calculations. Such processors should also contain a memory with a decent amount of cache and an ECC memory for sure. 

Q. Is 16GB built-in RAM sufficient for running SolidWorks?

Ans: Well, talking about the memory of 16GB, that is great enough to do simulations, operational analysis, drawing, and even modeling basics so far. You should consider it a great and ideal memory so far, but it might be possible to contain some of the errors. Their sizes might increase after some time, which might tell you about the prototypes that are pretty much complex, so you might be needed to expand it after time.

Q. Can SolidWorks be used on laptops with Integrated Graphics cards?

Ans:You are enabled to run your desired simulations of SolidWorks, which might include the simulations, analysis of stress, and 2D drawing if you have got a powerful and well-performing PC like Intel HD400. Suppose you are working with a lot of different assemblies with photorealistic modeling and the integrated GPU. It would help if you always had a good quality GPU as it can provide you with the least pressure for sure, and it will help you make it possible to make and view 3D modeling. 

Q. Will my SolidWorks performance suffer if the chipset doesn’t support HyperThreading?

Ans: There are a large sequence and the majority of initiated operations so far while lets you use the single threads. That is why you are needed to use the larger assembly areas for rendering. They can easily be indulged in the multi-sheet by just simply using the multiple cores as there is no important use of the HyperThreading.

Q. How to enhance SolidWorks performance on your existing laptop?

Ans: To enhance the Solidworks performance on your laptop, you are needed to select the visual effect’s window of section. If you are needed to get the best performance, you will be needed to set it on an optimal option. It will provide you with the Disable ads-in booster of processors’ clock speed and even some of the modes. It will even optimize the performance of your laptop from 10 to 15 percent.


In the end, We would say that all the above-mentioned laptops are so far the greatest products that are available in the market and can be easily used by professionals.

The laptop with the most qualities is declared as the best laptop for SolidWorks.

They are best in different ways, but it depends upon you that you are using according to your choice.

You will just be needed to check the product thoroughly or read its description to get a proper product; otherwise, there won’t be any use.

However, we have discussed all the questions coming into your head regarding this topic.

If you still have some questions, comment below. We would surely love to answer all your questions to clear all your misunderstandings or confusion.