10 Best Laptops Under $400 Reviewed in 2021


As being a human we always look for accessories in an affordable price list that suits our pocket and comes in our budged.

Before buying anything we particularly think about the product that is it matching our essential need or is it worth it buying for?

The costs of anything are basic because it decides the unwavering quality of that item, but, sometimes, you select the most excellent item at reasonable costs.

And here we are to help and guide you to have an idea of what laptop is essential to provide you everything you’re looking for,

We will show you one of the best laptops in the budget of $400 you might find one or another laptop for your needs.

We have the best laptops under $400 as the reliable in our lists, everyone looks for laptops that might stay as long-lasting ones,

But although everything is limited in these laptops as it has a life on some time, but overall these laptops provide you a vast time of ensuring that they are reliable and strong.

Best Laptops Under $400 Reviews:

Let’s get started with our list of 10 Best Laptops Under $400.

1. Dell Inspiron 11

One of the most important features that every customer looks for in an affordable laptop is its rotational screen, convertible laptops are often marked as a priority of customers.

This might not be a priority for you in a mid-range budget laptop but still, an additional feature is a plus point, beside this amazing rotational screen feature the DELL Inspiron it has a sleek design body built to attract others with a solid, durable frame, 

We ensure to guide you to the best laptop under $400, always choose the laptop which has all the qualities you’re looking for in the quite reasonable price budget and Dell as.

It a trustworthy company with a wide name in the electronic market, By using the 7th Generation technology in its laptops making them optimum for all type of advance work, with its advancement in features might be enough to capture your eye on it in the friendly pocket budget as best laptop in $400.

One of the other most important features in this is, A strong graphic resolution that holds it tight, giving you satisfaction in your work, With Strong RAM this laptop will advertise you to your work with efficiency.

With AMD (ADVANCE MICRO DEVICE) making it a more convenient choice than the other in the market.



2. Acer Chromebook Spin 11

As Technology is man’s best friend it has made us choose between the best and beyond, making us capable of deciding on our choices providing us with a wide range of devices to choose from,

With the top priority of a strong processor and reliable advertised features to give us a traditional working medium to work on at a considerable price,

The ACER CHROMEBOOK SPIN 11 is a reliable convertible two in one laptop under $400 , containing all the healthy and smart features you want in a reliable device.

This device gives you a proper insurance of itself as a fast processing with goggle play store supportive device with touchscreen IPS Display this small handy device is a party pack providing you everything for your work, You may always want this laptop as a professional outcome for your results.

If you’re planning to start your work without not wasting an extensive amount of money on a laptop, we suggest you buy Acer Chrome Book Spin 11which will be costing you under $400 and you won’t regret it, because of its reliable features and built quality.



3. Acer Aspire 5

The choice of having a good laptop depends on the reliability of the device, It shows your nature and taste about what type of person you are, showing your sincerity towards your work,

If you’re looking for a laptop that is best and reasonable price as under $400 for your daily use at the office or at home for professional work.

You might want to put an eye on this amazing device known for its amazing features and skills, including a fast processor, and latest technology, known for its name as ACER ASPIRE 5, being a budget-friendly under $400 device providing you everything you might desire from a device,
Reliable and providing key features all in on time, as a healthy operating system, and the stronger processor, with the build quality you can rely on.



4. Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e laptop

Having a mindset of buying the best laptop under $400? Why haven’t you checked the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e, by LENOVO

This amazing device comes in affordable pricing with one amazing and powerful working system in the midrange devices enough to catch your eyes. 

These laptops are no less than others in the market giving you a reason why to purchase them over others!

With all the good qualities of the Best laptop including professionalism work as well, A brand that you can trust with its name in the electronic market, providing you best under $400 laptop.

The Intel-Quad-Core processor gives the efficiency and speed you desire with many more features that come extra in the box, with reliable storage and built quality you can rely on this laptop is one of the best choices to start with.

Even if you’re choosing the best mid-budget laptop for yourself or your family this device won’t put you down



5. Acer Aspire 1

Another amazing device by the brand everyone in the world knows, Acer Aspire 1 the most reliable and affordable device built with upgraded technology,

The biggest reason you’ll see ACER’S name in the top lists of best $400 Laptops are that they are always reliable and convenient, as for processors as well as long-lasting battery life, providing the smooth experience of work. 

Another amazing feature of Acer Aspire 1 is its amazing display quality no less than HD resolution, enough to serve with a good quality video and screen display.

This laptop provides you a daily routine of smooth experience in professional working.



6. Lenovo IdeaPad

The Ultra-Fast and HD technology by Lenovo has been introducing in This laptop making it worth buying, making it one of the world’s budget-friendly device making its name in our best under $400 laptop,

For those who are looking for a laptop worth buying and haven’t looked at the Lenovo Idea-pad, it’s worth watching,

Containing almost the best features of an expensive laptop in it, Lenovo is already trying to adopt new technology in their budget-friendly devices, If your pocket doesn’t allow you for the expensive try the Ideapad, which works efficiently in all conditions.




You might see many companies facilitating you with their advanced technologies but as the name that the world is familiar with HP is back with its another budget-friendly under $400 device,

The NEWEST HP14 providing you the reliability and stability of DDR4 GB RAM with 128GB storage facility, with a fast working processor you can work smoothly with, and a design that no one else ensures you with reliability.

You might use it for yourself or for your family this device is keeping your numbers on the top list, Allowing you to manage your everyday routine work at home or office with the best quality display screen allowing you the efficiency to work perfectly, Beside this feature HP14 contains one of the best battery life.

You might choose this laptop and forget that you ever needed any other.



8. HP 15.6in Laptop

As we are living in an era of innovative technology, the revolution of electronics devices keeps coming with higher prices, HP has decided to advertise with a under $400 price device.

That might bring joy to us because of its affordable price, not just this, This device is compatible to do simple to extreme tasks at the daily routine of office or home, Grab the HP15.6 Laptop and consider all our problems solved, While having a fast processor this device facilities us with its other amazing features for our better satisfaction.

Many Other Laptops have been introduced, but this might offer you everything that no one else does in this budget range.



9. Chuwi Herobook Pro 14.1 Inch

As in the Evolution In Electronic Devices, Many brands are making their way to the top for their promotions, providing good quality devices in some reasonable price-list,

Chuwi is a brand now getting well-known for its CHUWI HERO BOOK PRO, an amazing device introduced by this company with a price under %400, having all the features of expensive laptops, with a fast processor for a smooth working experience and a screen of UHD resolution providing you the quality of its innovative device, with many other handsome features this device is well-being  for relying on and start with,

The processor is fast, the picture quality is amazing, the pricing is low, what else do you wish for?  

No Brand will facilitate you with all of these features in this price list rather than CHUWI HERO BOOK PRO



10. 2019 New Lenovo 300e Flagship 2-in-1 Business Laptop/Tablet

Lenovo providing one of the best touch system IPS Display screen in a pocket-friendly budget under $400 what else you’re looking for, with a fast working processor efficient for all type of professional work that can be done smoothly, on This Flagship device, You can count on this laptop for multi-tasking,

The healthy optimization system of this computer makes it more reliable and efficient for work.

Low investment and amazing features everything you’ll ever want in a budget-friendly laptop is here.




There is nothing wrong with these budget-friendly laptops under $400 If you are taking a start.

When you’ve gone through all the features over what is suitable for you in this price range, from the above-mentioned laptops.

We strongly prefer Chuwi Hero Book AND 2019 New Lenovo 300e Flagship 2-in-1 Business Laptop/Tablet.

For the perfect choice of purchasing any laptop.

Acknowledgment of buying any laptop is important; If you choose blindly, you will have to the consequence in the form of poor performance In the same way, with the knowledge you can buy the perfect one for you,

Go properly through each of the listed above that suites your choice perfectly.