10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2021 (Complete Review)

Best Portable DVD Players

Suppose, You have a long journey on the bus ahead or you have to take a long route which is some distance from your place.

Now, you have no human being to company you on your adventures. Well, in this case, It’s a must to own Portable DVD players as they make for one of the reliable traveling companions.

It will keep you far away from getting bored on your long routes and the route will be traveled long before you know it! 

You’ll find out Boredom and Portable DVD Players to be arch-rivals! Here’s the best part:

the DVD Players always win! So, to win against boredom, here are options for you to decide your next potential Dvd Player. We have found you the Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2020.

1. DBPOWER 12" Portable DVD Player

When looking for the Best portable DVD players, DBPower offers top of the line products. It offers huge running times which will allow you to be entertained on your journey. 

Also, it has spots for multiple devices through which you can connect multiple devices simultaneously.

It also supports different kinds of video and audio file extensions. It delivers a powerful performance at its price. 

The only drawback to this device is that video quality isn’t the best.



2. DBPOWER 9.5-Inch Portable DVD Player

This Portable DVD Player provides functionality both inside and outside the car. This 9.5’’ is developed to fulfill the needs of everyone and comes off as a pure delight to have in one’s car.

The compatibility is not going to be an issue at all as it supports almost every device. It supports a plethora of different file extensions which allows it to be used anytime. 

DBPower could’ve done a better job by including Blu-ray support and Easier to operate Remote control.

Nevertheless, it is a solid option within its price range making it one of the best portable DVD players.



3. ieGeek 9.5-Inch DVD Player

At the price range, the ieGeek DVD Player sits, it gives our crown king a tough fight. It has a 9.5” screen that allows the user to rotate the device to the whole 360 Degrees.

The battery timing of this device is also very good, all thanks to the Li-ion battery used that ups the running time of the device up to 5 Hours.

This player supports just about any kind of file format.. This is a region free portable device which makes it a great option for you no matter where you are reading this from.

It also has a headphone jack, a USB Port to plug in a USB, and a watch from a USB. This is a viable option for anyone looking to buy the best portable dvd players.



4. HD JunkTor 10.1’’ DVD Player

A strong contender and a viable option for Portable DVD Players, the HD JunkTor 10.1” DVD Player offers a range of vast functionality.

It supports almost every file format that is related to an audio file or a video file. This portable player is also compatible with just about every storage device.

To encourage your decision of choosing this player, the manufacturer ships along a customized car bag to protect your wheels from catching dust and other messes that may take your car to a carwash.

It also comes with two different types of Operating systems which means you can choose between either of the Operating Systems according to your preferences.

Although, Audio quality could’ve been more improvised and The remote control is a bit difficult to use which means this is not the product for you if you can’t handle complex devices.

These features will make it one of the best portable dvd players.



5. UEME Portable Personal Player 10.1”

This portable DVD Player comes with different features that make the device stand out from the standard options of Portable Personal Player in the market right now, making it one of the best portable DVD players.

The Portable Personal player has a 10.1-inch TFT LCD with a  resolution of 800×480 pixels and performs with the compatibility of playing DVDs and CDs in a variety of formats.

It also comes with a USB port using which you can play your movies or video files without having to worry about whether it will play or not.

Another sound feature on this device is that it features an auto-resume mode which allows you to continue where you left off the last time.

The price tag it comes at makes up for the fact that it features low video quality.



6. SPACEKEY 9-Inch DVD Player

One of the better options in the list, the Space key 9” DVD comes with two different color options which you can choose after conferring which color will suit better in your car interior.

The compact DVD player is a powerful portable player that can swivel up to 270 degrees. The screen even comes with an amazing option to be able to be flipped upside down as it allows the user to flip it up to a straight 180 degrees.

The Lithium-ion battery on this device allows the device to rock on for continuous four hours which is more than enough to watch a complete movie before requiring a quick charge.

Talking about functionality, this portable player provides an option for the user to be able to use it on bigger screens, such as the television.

To use this feature, make sure that you have an AV cable and that your TV has a port for AV Cable. Due to this phenomenon, you can use this device at home as well as on your road to the places you have to be.

The solid speakers with an upgrade, when tested were audible to a person standing 45 feet away from the device.



7. APEMAN Portable 9.5-Inch Player

The APEMAN Portable 7.5” Player rightfully takes its place on our list as it moves on to be an ideal choice for a Portable DVD player.

It comes with a high quality  7.5” display and is capable of playing DVDs and CDs in various formats. Regardless of why you need a portable DVD player, we’re very certain that it will fulfill your requirements.

The Li-ion battery makes up to 4 hours of playback time which is more than enough. And here’s the best part: You’d still be left with some charging!

To charge, it comes with both a car and a wall charger so you can charge it on the go, or you could sit back at your home and still charge the device.

The screen can be rotated up to 270 degrees and can be folded to 180 degrees. It Weighs less than 3 Pounds! – Wow!

This screen also comes with the functionality of being able to work with bigger displays, provided that you use an AV cable as a bridge between the two devices.



8. PYLE HD 17.9” DVD Player

Are you more invested in bigger displays with a better resolution and know that it will fit well with your Car’s interior?

Then this is the perfect match for you as it comes off as the biggest display on our list. It comes with a DVD tray so you can Load any kind of DVD on it, the Player will run it.

This one will give an awesome playback and provide some good entertainment, It can be rotated to 270-degrees as per the user’s convenience.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that keeps the show going for up to 4-hours. a USB port for playing your videos is also given and a car-powered AC adapter to keep providing the device with enough power.



9. COOAU 12.5-Inch Portable Player

This one is a good option as it comes with the ability to be rotated up to 270 Degrees. The Screen is also foldable to 180-degrees making sure you get a clear picture of your content.

This is a Region Free Device and supports many different formats of CD and DVD Discs. There is also an option to add an SD card up to 32 GB through the USB Port. You can also connect it with a bigger screen or your home television.



10. DBPOWER 14-Inch DVD Player

Through this DVD player, you can find your favorite content just about anywhere you want to watch it.

This player features a swiveling feature up to 270-degrees so that the user gets the full experience when watching.

The screen’s screen is also capable of being flipped to 180 Degrees. Being a region free player with very good compatibility, this player is ready to provide you with a good experience.



Portable DVD Players - Buyer’s Guide

Portable DVD Players


When buying a portable DVD player, make sure that you check for its compatibility. Be sure to buy a DVD player that comes with the great support of DVD and CD file players so you can any disc with it.

Battery Timings:

When buying a portable dvd player, make sure that you check for its battery standby as it can play a crucial role.

The longer the battery timing, the more you can go on without having to worry about recharging the device.

Better Resolution:

Most of the DVD Players compromise the quality of the video. When considering a DVD Player, check for the screen quality.

It comes with so you know what kind of picture you’re going to get when the DVD player is used.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. In the times of Netflix, Smartphones, do people still buy DVD players? 

Ans: Simply put, yes. Portable DVDs are a rather important innovation and still can fulfill their purpose and they do not require a net connection to stream content.

DVD players have offline content on them so you don’t have to worry about paying extra internet bills when it comes to watching the content you want to.

Q. I’m looking for a player to soothe my kids, which one?

Ans: All of the above player options are suitable to be used by a toddler or a kid. Choose the one according to your preferences or your kids’ choices for them to love it.

Q. How much does it cost to install a headrest DVD player?

Ans: It really depends on the product you have. The typical cost of installing a headrest DVD Player is about $150.


It never hurts to carry some entertainment with you as it is rather an important aspect of our lives. These are the 10 best portable DVD Players present in the market available for purchase in the market right now.