10 Best Wireless Routers Under 100 Dollars in 2021

If you are looking for good quality router wireless to buy in 2021.

You are in the right place, we will tell you all about the best router under $100.

Looking for the best wireless routers?

In this post, you will find:

  • Best wireless routers under $100.
  • How to choose the best wireless router.

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A wireless router is used in every home.

In this era, everyone wants a good internet connection with the best router.

A router with a long-range and full speed.

Like other electronic devices, it is also necessary to have a good wireless router.

Wifi is almost a necessity for every other person because in this advanced era everyone is connected to technology.

An increase in wifi devices requires a good wireless router that provides great speed and range. 

Choosing a wifi router for your home or office is always difficult because there are lots of fake companies selling expensive routers with low quality that will be a total waste of your money and time.

Why to NOT Buy a Wireless Router Below the 802.11 AC 1200 Standards?

Here is the deal: if you don’t want to waste your money and time.

You should not buy a  wireless router below the AC1200 standard model, because under this the routers are slow and have a bad experience in use.

Before we begin to know the best router under 100$ you must know that don’t ever buy a router below the model AC1200. 

The models before AC1200 don’t deliver high data rates and they have been working since 1999.

If you want the best performance from your wireless router just ignore these old routers.

Now: If you are going to buy a router above AC1200 it means that you are going to buy any model from AC1750, AC1900, AC5400.

These models are always famous and have great experiences with their customers. 

If you are a normal user and don’t want to get the excellent speed and range then you can buy a model under AC1200 but, if you want to get excellent speed and service then you should avoid the model under AC1200.

For all the purposes like home, offices, and others where the router is used. You would use these best routers under 100$.

If you are looking for the list of best routers under 100$ then here is the list and reviews of the router you can easily choose your router from.

1. Linksys EA6350 AC1200

Linksys is a little bit dated model but it gives high speed and long-range internet connectivity. It has a high speed of up to 900 Mbps and dual-band.

This has two antennas with 800mhz processor speed and a range of 1000 sq ft.

Here is the deal: In an online store, Linksys price is from 50$ to 90$ but you can from vendors that have stock of wireless router at half price because it is an old model you can easily find from the market.

This best router under $100 has great features.

You don’t need a CD to set up, you can easily set up this router in less than 10 minutes.

It has beamforming technology that connects multiple devices at one time.

Linksys routers can easily run 7 to 8 devices without heating up.

The devices with 2.4ghz have problems connecting with this router.


  • It is not very expensive.
  • This has a USB port.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Connect up to 10 devices.
  • Provide excellent speed. 


  • Quit the old device.
  • Connecting problem with 2.4ghz devices.

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750

Netgear nighthawk has fast wifi performance with a long-range.

It can cover long distances up to 1500sqmt.

You can internet at any corner of your home at full speed.

It is a powerful router under 100$ which provides you great speed and stability.

It has 12 led lights that tell the status of the device to users. You can connect up to 25 devices at one time.

The latest technology is used in making this router 1ghz dual-core processor with 256 rams.

The router is easy to use, no CD required, you can easily set up the router in less than 15 minutes and can enjoy the fast internet.


  • It has an application to manage all the system and function of the router
  • It also allows every type of VPNs
  • Wide range signal strength
  • AC1750 technology is used in this router
  • Not much expensive price is $84 


  • It has large antennas and footprints.
  • Only 450 Mbps speed for 2.4mhz devices.

3. Medialink AC1200

Medialink routers have extra speed at a low price, other routers with this price have 100mbps speed but the Medialink provides you 1000mbps speed.

It has dual bands with LEDs on the front of the device which tell the status of the device.

It has beamforming technology that can provide 45 to 65 Mbps speed on 2.4ghz devices and can give 100 Mbps speed on 5ghz.

Medialink design is up to mark, it is made up of black high-quality plastic and led light that dims at night.

You can use up to 10 devices on time at full speed.

It is the best router under 100$


  • It is very cheap compared to other routers.
  • It has four lanes ports.
  • You can easily set up in no time.
  • The price is no more than $50.  


  • Not have a USB port. 

4. Netgear WNDR4500 N900

Netgear wireless router has speed up to 450 Mbps with dual-band.

This router supports both 2.5ghz and 5ghz with 450mbps downloading speed.

Netgear also has a good range of approximately 700sq ft.

When this device comes to market it is quite expensive with the cost of 180$ but now it is available for just $42.

It is an old router you need a CD to set up this router which requires much time to install.

The networking of your home with other external devices like printer, hard devices can be easily managed by the USB port.

It can easily transfer up to 10 GB files within no time.


  • It is a cheap router.
  • It has dual USB ports.
  • It has a sleek look.
  • It is a fast router as compared to price.  


  • It is without the AC protocol.
  • Old model device.
  • Don’t run a mobile app.

5. TP-Link AC1900

TP-link is one of the best wireless routers which has a speed up to 1300 Mbps with dual-band.

It has a wide range of up to 5000 sq ft with high speed. 

The router has a sexy look with the blue-led panel on the front of the device.

It has a 1ghz processor that can handle multiple devices at one time without heating.

You can connect up to 10 devices without any lag and speed problem.

But here is the kicker part: It has a USB port that helps you to transfer large data in minutes.

If you are looking for the best router under $100 then this is the best router to use at home.


  • It is cheap as compared to AC1900.
  • Beamforming technology used,
  • Removable antennas.
  • Gives you more than 2 years guarantee.
  • Easy to set up with a mobile app.  


  • It can’t be placed on the wall.
  • Storage can be only shared through FTP.


The Asus rt is a strongly built router. It has a speed of up to 900 Mbps with dual bands. It has a wide range of up to 1500 sq ft.

You can easily use it in any room of your home and enjoy the speed.

It gives 280 Mbps speed with 5ghz and 90 Mbps speed with 2.4ghz. 

If you are fed-up with router LEDs, it has only a few lights on the front of the router that won’t disturb you.

It has the most stable download with the latest technology.

It also has a 3.0 USB port which helps to transfer large files in minutes.


  • Strong signal strength with high-quality antennas.
  • It gives you the best performance.
  • Dual-band with high speed.
  • The price of this router is only $69.  


  • Do Not allow air radar proprietary tech.
  • The USB port is located in the rear devices. 

7. Motorola MR1700 AC1700

Motorola is one of the famous brands worldwide, their products are famous for their high quality. 

MR1700 wireless routers have speeds of 900 Mbps with a wide range of 1500 sq ft.

With the power of six antennae, it provides you with extra fast internet. 

As compared to other routers it is the best router under $100 because it is a well-known brand.

It gives you 60mbps speed on the 2.4ghz and 95mbps on 5ghz.


  • Dual-band at a low price.
  • Can be handled by parents with parental control.
  • High powered six antennas.
  • Polarization allows.


  • USB port not available.
  • Tech supports problems outside the USA.


Netgear wireless router provides you excellent quality and fast internet connection.

It has a minimum speed of 900 Mbps with dual-band capacity and a range of around 1500 sq mt.

It can connect up to 20 devices at one time with no problem.

This is the most affordable router under $100 with so many latest technology features. 

You can control this router by using the nighthawk app, you can easily set up this router in less than minutes.

You can change the firm work with the help of an app easily.


  • It is cheap to buy.
  • Nighthawk app.
  • It has a wide range of dual bands.
  • The price is only $67.  


  • The USB port is not available.

9. ASUS RT-ACRH17 AC1700

The Asus wireless router is the best router under $100. It has a speed of 900mbps with dual-band and a range of approximately 1500 sq ft.

It has 5dBi antennas which provide up to mark signal strength.

It gives 280mpbs speed on 5ghz and 90 Mbps speed on 2.4ghz.

It has only a few LEDs that will not disturb you anymore.

It allows stable download with fast speed internet. It is one of the best routers under $100.


  • It gives you the best performance.
  • The antennas are used in this 5dBi.
  • Dual bands provide extra speed. 


  • Airadar proprietary is used in this.
  • The USB port is not located in the rear.

10. TP-Link AC1750

Tp-link AC1750 has a great set of features with a speed of 1300 Mbps and dual-band.

This also has a wide-range of about 1500 sq ft. it has a fast processor of about 730mhz. 

The device has an excellent look with black plastic and around 12 led lights in the front of the router.

The 5 antennas are attached that provides powerful signal strength. 

It is a cheap and best router to use for under $100 for homes.


  • It is cheap to buy.
  • Run firmware.
  • It can be switched on and off.
  • It also has parental control.
  • The price is around $62.  


  • Lack of 3.0 USB.
  • Not support optimization.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE Best Wireless Routers Under 100 Dollars in 2021?

Buyer’s Guide

When you are going to buy any router you must know the best router under 100$. You want to know the factors of routers before buying any router. 

Here is the factor of the best routers under $100


Before buying any router first of all confirm the speed of that router because, if the speed of the router is not good it cannot provide you good quality internet.

You must buy a router with a minimum speed of 300mbps.


If you are going to buy the router you must buy a router with a double band because a single band is an old version router and they don’t give you excellent performance.

The router with 2.4ghz and 5ghz is best and they give you high-speed internet.


Most of the router can only send signals up to 100 sq ft.

Buy the router with 5dBi antennas that use the latest technology which provides you up to 1500 sq ft range. 

You can use high-speed internet in any corner of your home.

Number Of Ports

The ports can help you to transfer large files in less time. The USB 3.0 port has a maximum speed of transfer data as compared to USB port 2.0. 


All these devices we discuss are made up of the latest technology.

If you want good speed internet for your home or office, you always need a good router.

If you want to buy the best router for under $100, select from the list and you would be happy to use it.

These routers have beamform technology that provides the best performance. 

Review all the articles and choose wisely.

Don’t waste money on an old version router which does not give you performance.

Go for this router, they don’t waste your money.

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