Explainer Video Software Reviews: Which is The Best?

Explainer Video Software

It is time to check out which one is the best Explainer Video Software option that you can go for. If you love making animated videos, then these recommendations can help you a lot.

Moreover, these Explainer Video Software suggestions are easy to use. You can create any kind of video in such a less time frame by using this software.

Furthermore, these options do not need any kind of technical experience from your side.

So, jump on the details and see which video software option suits you.

What Makes a Good Explainer Video?

What Makes a Good Explainer Video Software

You might be wondering what makes a good and best of all explainer video, here you can know that:

First of all, you have to make sure that your video content is original or not. It should not be copied from anyone.

If the content is original and you have penned-down a stronger script, then there is a high chance that your video may get accessed and watched by a wide amount of audience.

Secondly, in your video, there should be a lot of humor. This way, the chance of your video to get shared across all platforms is going to be increased.

Avoid making your videos dull, the presence of humor makes any video interesting and persuades the viewer to have a look at it for once.

If your video is simple and understandable, then it is marked as a good explainer video. You can use any of the reliable Explainer Video Software options in this regard.

Your video content should not look complicated and make content that synchronizes with your audience’s mindset.

If your audience does not understand the meaning behind your created video content, then your video may fail to get and grab enough viewers and audience.

Besides, to make good and catchy videos, one should try using these below-mentioned Explainer Video Software options.

Hence, these are the simple and general steps that help you in making ideal explainer videos. If you can think of more tips, share that with us.

And below guide is going to tell you how to make and create explainer videos in a simple way.

How to Make an Explainer Video?

There are many factors that you have to keep in mind when making an explainer video. Apart from using experts suggested Explainer Video Software, you have to keep in mind these important points:

Most importantly, your video script matters a lot. If your script is strong, interesting as well as engaging, then your audience will not ever get bored.

The second step that you have to implement is to bring a voice-over to your video. This voice over delivers your video content magically and amazingly.

In addition, the last thing that you need to do is to choose the best and suitable Explainer Video Software.

We know that there are a large and extensive number of easy-to-use video explainer tools that are currently available out there.

So, make a careful and wise choice and test the software before you start to officially use it.

Now, let’s get started with the review of best explainer video sofrtwares.

12. Vyond


The recommended Explainer Video Software option that we have for you is this Vyond. Most noteworthy, it is marked as one of the reliable video making software choices.

It is packed with many colors and transitions and also different characters. Moreover, this software has a drag and drop feature in it and gives you a mind-blowing and hassle-free experience.

Besides, this suggestion supports lip-syncing and the aspect of dialogue delivery. It engages your viewers on the highest notes and helps you in getting more leads for your video,

If you are interested in using this Explainer Video Software, then keep in mind that its price range starts from 39 dollars to 159 dollars a month.

This software promises to give a professional and engaging look to your videos. It has lots of modern looking icons on it.

It is further packed with many editing characters, action buttons, and sound gallery features.

If this software manages to improve and enhance its fonts import section, then that will be great. To get a personal or business premium plan, it cost 89 dollars per month.

For business professionals, this software costs around 159 dollars monthly.

Website Link: https://www.vyond.com/

11. PowToon


The next recommendation that belongs to this list of Explainer Video Software is this PowToon. This is an excellent video making software that is fairly and comparatively easy to use.

Besides, its interface is user-friendly and you are allowed to edit each element of your video seamlessly. If you feel like injecting new elements in your video no matter it is fully made, you can still do that.

Through this Explainer Video Software usage, you can add music to your created videos. It is up to you whether you want to select free music clips or want to inject premium music clips into your videos.

The only drawback of using this software is that it has a limited number of props and characters in it. Its option of auto-editing is quite and extremely limited.

Moreover, this software comes with a free plan, you can try it. For its pro plan, it cost 89 dollars monthly.

On the other hand, for the Pro + plan, you have to pay 197 dollars monthly and in this package, you get unlimited exports and 10 GB of storage space.

For those who like to go for the agency package, then its charges are 99 dollars monthly and here you are given unlimited exports and also 100 GB of storage data and too custom fonts.

Website Link: https://www.powtoon.com/

10. Wideo


Besides, you can get your hands on this Wideo software. It lets you create and make catchy animated videos.

Most importantly, you can make engaging presentations with the help of it. This Explainer Video Software comes with lots of icons and images collection.

It is embedded with a modern-looking interface that is also easy and seamless to use. In this software, lots of other improvements can be made.

Like, they can make their template gallery and sound gallery more interesting looking. If one is going for their basic plan, then its price is 59 dollars monthly and here you get 10 downloads per month and 20 video templates.

Moreover, in their pro plan, you get unlimited downloads and a full template gallery. This Explainer Video Software cost you 99 dollars monthly.

For their enterprise plan, its price is 199 dollars monthly and you get two accounts, premium professional support, and unlimited video length in this respective package.

Website Link: https://wideo.co/

9. Rawshorts


How about trying out this suggestion that can meet all your video making needs, it is this Rawshorts Explainer Video Software and here you can check out the review about it.

This software runs on machine learning algorithms and it scans your video text so that the main concept of your video storyline can be instantly identified.

In addition, it makes use of AI technology and helps you in making exciting videos all from scratch.

They have got these contemporary looking pre-made templates and that is the USP of this recommended Explainer Video Software.

If you explore their objects gallery, then you will see that they are embossed with lots of modern, highly advanced, and attractive illustrations.

All of their packages come in the affordable price range. Regarding improvements that this software can make is to increase their script processing.

This software editor is slow to load, so improvement can be made in this regard.

It is their essential plan that costs $49/month or you can say $39 billed annually. In this package, you get 25 premium exports monthly along with a duration of 5 minutes,

For their business plan, its price is $89/month or you can say it is $59 billed annually. In this package, you are given 50 premium exports.

Website Link: https://www.rawshorts.com/

8. Animaker

This Animaker software is highly liked by lots of individuals who are into this video making job. Moreover, this Explainer Video Software has an animation library and offers lots of unique and creative video making styles.

You can first have their free trial and see if this software suits you. Rest, their packages start from $19 to $59.

In this free trial, you are allowed to make a 2-minute explainer video so that you can conveniently decide whether this is the right Explainer Video Software for your needs or not.

Apart from that, it is easy to use and aids you in making professional explainer videos in just a time frame of minutes.

It offers different video styles, lots of video tools, and a bunch of animation themes.

If you are using some other online and cheap animation video making software, then we recommend you try out this version.

It has got free templates, helpful tutorials, catchy animation styles, and budget-friendly packages.

For their free plan, you get 5 exports per month. Then for the personal plan, its price is $19/month or you can say it is $12 billed annually.

In this personal package, you get 20 exports per month. Moreover, for a startup plan, its cost is $35/month or it comes out to be $19 billed annually.

In this startup plan, you are given 40 exports/month and HD/SD quality.

Website Link: https://www.animaker.com/


The catchy and helpful part of using MOOVLY is that it has an extensive photo and graphics library at its end. 

It offers extensive and sufficient export limits and is ideal to be used by small businesses. This Explainer Video Software is handy to learn and you can understand its components by simply exploring and checking out its tutorials.

This software is injected with an easy to use interface and installed with a professional collection of lots of photos and graphics.

If this Explainer Video Software manages to add more of the more templates, then that will be super amazing! In their pro plan, you have to pay $49/month or its annual billing is $24.92.

So, in this pro plan, you will be getting 25 exports per month and these exports can be commercially used.

Regarding the business plan, it has got a set price of $49.92 per month and is packed with 50 exports monthly.

Keep in mind that in this package, you will get custom fonts. Lastly, in the enterprise plan, you are offered a custom pricing package.

Most importantly, this plan is entailed with 100 exports/month, and you are given lots of multiple accounts.

Website Link: https://www.moovly.com/

6. Renderforest


For making professionals explainer videos, we have this next suggestion for you, it is this Renderforest.

To showcase your videos in the best manner, you can have this Explainer Video Software. Furthermore, the unique selling trait of this software is that its templates are much decent and sophisticated looking.

You are allowed to use lots of fun animations at reasonable and budget-friendly rates.

If you are a paying customer, then you are free to make use of your own voiceover software.

Discussing the weak side of this Explainer Video Software, we have seen that its animations look somewhat contemporary looking.

If this software improves the feel of their animations, then there is a massive chance that individuals start to use it more and more.

They have their free trial and all videos that you are going to make with the use of this free trial, they will have Renderforest’s watermark on them.

For their one-off export plan, it is their 360 p quality that cost 9.99 dollars monthly. Furthermore, HD720 quality price is around and about 19.99 dollars monthly.

To get HD 1080 quality, the price is 29.99 dollars monthly. If you are interested in making subscriptions, then amateur subscribers have to pay 59 dollars per month and Pro subscriptions are priced around 89 dollars monthly.

On the other hand, popular subscriptions are priced at approximately 119 dollars.

Website Link: https://www.renderforest.com/

5. Sparkol Videoscribe

You may have known this software with the name of whiteboard video software. This one is amateur video editing software and it is seamless to use.

If you want to give that hand-drawn look to your videos, then this is a suggested Explainer Video Software option for you.

Moreover, it is fairly and comparatively easy to use. Though their icons are a little bit outdated, still you will have a great experience.

With this software, you are allowed to upload and post your very own SVG or GIF files.

When it comes to making improvements, then we have seen that this Explainer Video Software should bring and immerse more options in it.

Their music gallery is not up to the mark, it should be improved and enhanced now. In addition, their templates have started to become outdated.

This software is not cloud-based as well. For single users, their monthly plan is around and about €25/month. 

And for the yearly plan, you have to pay €13/month. Besides, for team licenses, the team of more than 5 users has to pay €143/user.

If you have got a team of more than 10 users, then the price is €138/user

For the 20 plus users team, the total price is €133/user.

Website Link: https://www.videoscribe.co/en

4. Biteable

The next suggestion that we have put up in front of you is this Biteable Explainer Video Software.

So far, it is utilized and availed by 5 million marketers. This is a reliable video editing tool that you can use any time.

Its great part is that they offer you with money-back guarantee option. It means, if you do not like this Explainer Video Software and you have bought it, then you can claim your refund.

Its packages are cost-friendly and you are delivered with a wide and maximum number of modern as well as attractive templates.

You can connect and link this software directly and instantly to Shutterstock. Old customers loved using this software because it offers decent imagery and ideal footage.

It is time that this software should bring other exciting template designs at their end. Besides, its editor should give other handy and advanced options to the users.

For starters, they have to pay $19/month or the annual bill amount is $9.50. In this plan, you get 1 video per month.

For the pro plan, the price is $49/month or the annual bill amount comes out to be $24.50. So, in this plan, you get 3 videos per month.

Lastly, for an unlimited plan, you have to pay $99/month or the annual bill price comes out to be $49.

Website Link: https://biteable.com/

3. Adobe Spark

This is a simple and highly user-friendly video making tool. It is embedded and packed with many themes and that is the attractive part of this Explainer Video Software.

You can use this software free of cost as it comes with a free trial. It is immensely easy to use and offers you attractive templates.

If you notice and feel that video making jobs are tough and not a piece of cake, then try this software. We guarantee you that your tough job will become simple.

First of all, you have to fully and attentively explore this software features and elements and then make the best use of it.

The only single drawback of their templates is that they are static and do not look much dynamic looking.

If you want to animate icons, then it is not possible with the use and help of this Explainer Video Software.

These are the possible number of drawbacks that are linked to this software. If these drawbacks are overcome and this software makes these sufficient improvements, then people may start preferring using this software on the best notes.

For their starter plan, it is free of cost and the individual plan costs you around $9.99/month or the annual bill is $99.99.

For the team plan, you have to pay $33.99 per month and per license.

This is the general pricing plan that is offered by this video making software. If you have more questions on this explainer video making software, then you can ask from us.

We make it possible to answer all of your queries as soon as possible.

Website Link: https://spark.adobe.com/



The last suggestion is this MYSIMPLESHOW software. This is a high-end and experts suggested video explainer software.

Below you can see what interesting points and unique selling traits are linked to this explainer video making software option.

You can check out the details and we are pretty much confident that this MYSIMPLESHOW will meet all your needs.

It processes your script professionally and helps you generate videos up to the required standards.

Moreover, this Explainer Video Software is immensely helpful and makes your videos instantly catchy looking.

You can have their free account to first see and analyze whether this software matches your needs or not.

There is a need that this Explainer Video Software should now improve and keep on enhancing their illustration styles.

This software music gallery is a limited one, it is time that they should upgrade their music gallery.

For their free trial, you can make and produce unlimited videos. For a fun plan, its price is $5.99/month or you can say it is $4.99 billed annually.

Besides, for the business plan package, it is $129/month or the annual bill amount is $79.

Then for the pro package, the price is $499/month. If you want to pay annually, then the price comes to $399.

For the classroom category, this software is free to use. If you are studying in a school or university, then you can avail of this package.

Website Link: https://www.mysimpleshow.com/

1. Veed.io

VEED.IO – Record, Edit, and Auto-Subtitle your Videos Instantly create stunning explainer video, auto subtitles and capture your audience’s attention.

Making explainer video can be difficult, slow and expensive with professional video editors or software. It’s complex, clunky to do basic things like trimming, stitching, add text to your video, and add audio to your video with professional softwares. 

VEED.IO allows you to edit, stitch and produce quality, professional videos to promote your brand or business, in a matter of minutes.

You can edit, add audio, text to your explainer video, add professional video effects, add company logos/watermarks, and – perhaps most importantly – add subtitles to any video instantly with one click, without the need for manual annotation. Subtitling your explainer video increases your audience’s dwell time on the video significantly and makes the comprehension clear.

Best of all, for any explainer video under 10 mins, VEED is completely free to use! Basic and Pro premium plan exists for longer and more complex video projects is also available. 

Start capturing your audience’s attention and convert misunderstood leads by editing, creating and auto subtitling your explainer videos today for FREE at VEED.IO.

Website Link: https://www.veed.io/


That is all we have about the recommendations on the best Explainer Video Software options. Which you want to try, share with us your feedback!

No doubt, these suggestions are fully packed and immersed with modern icons and templates. You can emboss interesting effects and footage into your videos with the help of them.

The usage criteria of these Explainer Video Software options are simple and hassle-free.

Just pick out the desired option and package plan and share with us how this video making software serves and delivers you.

You can keep in touch with us as more of the details and honest reviews linked to video making software categories will be provided to you.