Top 10 Best Wand Scanners in 2021

Are you looking to buy the best wand scanners? With so many options, it is difficult to make the right choice.

But, don’t worry as we have got you covered! This article considers the best wand scanners that are available to purchase as of now.

Before buying a wand scanner, go through the buyer’s guide to consider the factors that are mentioned in the Buyer’s guide section.

10 Best Wand Scanners Review:

Here are the Top 10 Best Wand Scanners:

1. Vupoint ST470 Magic Wand Portable Scanner

If you are looking for the best product overall, this wand scanner is one of the best wand scanners that are available for purchase right now! 

What makes this product the best one is the fact that these product scanners allow the users to scan different scanning modes.

The scanner allows the users to choose from three different scanning settings. These settings include 1050, 600, and 300 DPI.

However, if you dock the device, you are offered 1200 DPI as well! 

Moreover, this product comes with an auto-feeding mechanism.

All there is to be done on the user’s end is to dock the device and feed the document. The rest will be done by the product.


  • Offers four different Scanning Mode. 
  • Includes a dedicated MicroSD card slot. 
  • These Wand Scanners feature a 1.5-inch color display. 


  • Slow Charging speed. 

2. VuPoint ST47 Magic Wand Portable Scanner

If you are in search of Wand Scanners, then let us stop you from making so much efforts.

This wand scanner is one of the best wand scanners on the market right now! 

What makes this device rank so high on this list is due to the features and performance it has to offer.

This wand scanner offers the users a USB port that allows it to be connected to a computer.

Moreover, this Wand scanner also comes with a dedicated Micro SD slot.

This Wand scanner has expandable storage of up to 32 Gb, but the device comes with a pre-added 8 GB microSD card.


  • Offers a lot of variety in terms of connectivity options. 
  • Comes with four different DPI settings. 
  • Features an Auto-Feeder Mechanism which is fairly easy to use. 


  • The battery life is middling. 

3. Aibecy iScan02 Document Scanner

If you want something that can flawlessly scan flat surfaces, then this product is the best one of all the other wand scanners!

The design of the device is made in such a way that the whole process feels smooth to the users.

There are rollers placed at the bottom of the design of this Wand Scanner.

This Wand Scanner helps the device to glide through the surface with consistency. This makes it easier for you to scan official documents. 

Very much like the other options on this device, this product allows the user to scan at three different modes.

The manufacturer has also added an SD Card slot to allow you to connect an external card! 


  • Colorful LCD screen. 
  • Features Multiple Scanning modes. 
  • Expandable storage of up to 32 GB storage. 


  • There is no included Dock. 

4. VuPoint Solutions PDS-ST415-VP Handheld

When it comes to offering performance, VuPoint has products that leave other kinds of wand scanners behind by a mile! 

The size of this scanner wand is about 10 inches and the scanning area of 8.5 inches.

This magic wand will let you scan the documents easily and quickly.  

This product also offers different dpi modes to provide the best scanning results.

Moreover, this product also comes with an included SC card slot to provide the users with extra storage.

This will allow you to save up to 5000 Files when they are saved in the highest quality.

The wand scanner comes with 8 GB storage, but the storage happens to be expandable to 32 GB. 


  • Comes with an Included SD card converter. 
  • Features different DPI modes. 
  • Includes a protective case. 


  • Comes with a monochrome display. 

5. VuPoint Solutions ST415 Handheld

This is one of the most effective and innovative products on the list.

This product comes with OCR software which makes it easier for the users to read through and edit all of their documents once they are scanned. 

An OCR software lets you edit and preview the scanned files.

This product also comes with a USB port that makes it easier for users to connect it to a computer and manage their files accordingly. 

Moreover, this product also includes a dedicated SD Card slot.

This lets the users add an SD card. An included SD card will allow the users to save the scanned files. 


  • Comes with an Included OCR software. 
  • Comes with Multiple Scanning Modes. 
  • Lot of options that enhance connectivity. 


  • The OCR software of this device is not compatible with Macs.

6. VuPoint Solutions Auto-Feed Dock

If you are in search of a product that offers good battery backup, then this product is going to conclude your search!

This product comes with a built-in Li-Po Battery that has a huge charging capacity.

The 700 MaH battery is a pretty big one and this battery can scan 400 documents after being fully charged once. 

This product also comes with an included USB port.

The inclusion of USB port on the device makes it easier for the users to connect the device to a computer and also make them be able to manage their files effectively. 

This Product also allows the users to directly store the files in the SD card storage. This product also offers different output modes. 


  • Comes with a Huge Battery. 
  • Comes with Different output modes. 
  • Includes a USB port. 


  • The charging times on this wand scanner are longer. 

7. MUNBYN Magic Wand Portable Scanners

If you are looking for more options to consider, then this is one of the best wand scanners to consider. 

Just like the other scanners, this scanner gives three different output modes.

This lets you decide the quality of the scan result that you are going to get.

This scanner is pretty fast, as it can scan at the highest settings in just 8 Seconds! 

This will allow you to work efficiently as this Wand scanner is going to work quickly and effectively! 

The manufacturer has also added a dedicated MicroSD slot.

This slot makes it easier for the users to store a lot of data on the scanner.

The storage can go up to 32 GB, but this wand scanner comes with 16 GB SD scanner.


  • Features a Portable Design. 
  • Comes with an added SD card slot. 
  • Works quickly and effectively. 


  • The setup process has some complications

8. MUNBYN Portable Scanner

If you are looking for a wand scanner that promotes smooth operation, then this is the one you should be getting.

This wand scanner comes with an included LCD screen that allows the users to oversee the whole operation and work effectively.

The LCD screen adds to the functionality of the device as this LCD screen lets the users scroll through the many options that this product has to offer.

It also offers the users to see a preview before you roll out the final decision. 

As for the variety in different output modes, this product comes with three different output modes.

The output mode will let you select between quicker results or better quality. 


  • Doesn’t produce a lot of sounds, even after a heavy workload on the PC. 
  • Provide users with a great amount of Airflow. 
  • Offer users with great Ram clearance abilities Design of this wand scanner is pretty lightweight and compact. 
  • Different output modes. 
  • Offers a lot of features in terms of connectivity. 


  • Does not merges all scans into a PDF file automatically. 

9. VuPoint Solutions PDS-ST441PU-VP

Are you in pursuit of color options when it comes to Wand Scanners? Then you have stumbled across the right product! 

This wand scanner features a design that makes it easier for users to scan their documents and photos easily.

What makes this wand scanner a good option is the fact that this wand scanner comes with included items.

These Items include USB cable, pouch, cleaning cloth, OCR software, 2 x AA Alkaline batteries, user’s manual. 

The design of this product is also very lightweight. Being lightweight, this product can be carried around easily.

It also features a compact design which gives more points to the portability of the device. 


  • Features a compact and lightweight design. 
  • Supports different output modes. 
  • Easy to use. 


  • Does not come with an included SD card. 

10. VuPoint PDS-ST442PE-VP Magic Wand III

Last but not the least, this one of the magic wands that are going to leave you satisfied with their performance! 

What makes this product one of the best is the fact that this Magic wand features a design that is rather eco-friendly.

This makes it easier for users to make use of this wand scanner. 

This wand scanner can be connected to a computer via a USB port that is provided on the device.

This product also features 3 different output modes, giving you a choice between speed and quality. Moreover, the design of this wand scanner is also very light. 

As this product is lightweight and compact, it is easier for the users to carry it anywhere! 


  • Features an Eco-Friendly Design. 
  • Comes with an Included MicroSD card slot. 
  • Lightweight and portable. 


  • Does not come with an included SD card. 

How To Choose The Best Wand Scanners – Buyer’s Guide:

When it comes to buying wand scanners, there are a lot of options that you can choose from.

The availability of so many options is bound to leave you feeling complexed about making a decision.

This section includes some aspects that will weigh in on your decision of buying the best Wand Scanners.

When considering Buying wand scanners, make sure the wand scanner of your choice exhibits the following qualities: 

Type of Scanners:

When it comes to buying Wand scanners, there are two primary kinds of wand scanners.

The type of these wand scanners as follows: 

Sheet-Fed Scanners:

These scanners are defined by their method of working.

To use these kinds of scanners, the person has to feed the document through the scanner.

The rest is all done by the scanners as they scan the document and provide the users with a perfect image. 

Handheld Scanning Machines:

These Scanning Machines are also known as wand scanners. They work as the user hovers them steadily over the text and flat surface objects.

This comes off as an advantage as wand scanners have no limit of the size you can scan. 

Define your Purpose: 

The reason for buying a wand scanner is going to affect your decision.

If you are looking to scan books and other bound material, then you have to stick with the wand scanners.

However, if you are going to be using a scanner to scan unbound pages, then you will be fine with the Sheet-Fed Scanners. 

Battery Life: 

Since you are going to be spending time away from your office or a place where you can plug in the wand scanners, you need to buy a wand scanner that offers good battery life. 

Most of the wand scanners come with a Rechargeable battery. Make sure that the product you consider offers good battery life. 

Storage Scan:

If you are going to be buying a wand scanner, make sure that it comes with Right amount of storage.

It is vital to know what size is right for you, and you can do that by considering the purpose you need a scanner for.

Nevertheless, having some extra storage is always preferable the requirements of the storage always go up. 


There goes our review of the best Wand Scanners that are available for purchase on the market right now.

However, before buying a wand scanner, consider all the factors mentioned in the buyer’s guide section. 

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